Welcome to Clowns im Dienst

Welcome to
Clowns im Dienst!

We visit sick children in pediatric clinics and elderly people suffering from dementia in nursing homes.

Clown visits for sick children

Hospital stays represent a radical change for a child and its family. With the child being torn away from its familiar environment it often meets its new surroundings with fear and rejection. Besides the physical pain, fear is what accompanies the children during their hospital stays – the fear of an operation, the fear of being alone. This state of stress impedes the healing process. The aim of the clowns’ visits is easing the child’s inner tension through laughter and games and thus helping their recovery process. As the kids’ ways of communication are similar to those of the clowns, connections are easily made.

Knock, knock – “May we come in?”

…is what the clowns ask the young patients at the door. The clowns always come in pairs, directly to the sick child’s bed – if, of course, the child would like them to visit.

Every clown visit begins with a “handing over” of information by the nurses of the ward. They give the clowns the necessary facts about the child’s health and its state of mind, as well as that of its relatives. The clowns are bound to secrecy. Cooperating with the team of doctors and nurses is a key component of our work.

All clowns have been trained specifically for their visits to pediatric clinics. The main focus of our approach is the continuous qualification and support of the clowns, as their visits require a high level of sensitivity and professionalism.

The organization Clowns im Dienst has been around for more than 15 years. Currently 16 trained clowns regularly visit pediatric clinics and nursing homes.


Regular clown visits in the following wards/clinics

Clinic for Pediatrics and Youth Medicine, Reutlingen

  • All wards

University Hospital for Pediatrics and Youth Medicine, Tübingen

  • Neuropediatric and Neurodevelopmental Ward 12
  • Neuropediatric Ward for Diabetes and General Pediatrics 13
  • Oncological Ward 14
  • Hematological / Oncological Day Clinic Ward 15
  • KMT Stem Cell Transplantation Ward 16
  • General Pediatrics ward 18
  • Surgical Wards 32 and 35
  • Cardiological Ward 33
  • Day Clinic

Stauferklinikum – Clinic for Pediatrics and Youth Medicine, Schwäbisch Gmünd

ARCHE IntensivKinder, Mähringen

Filderklinik, Department for Pediatrics and Youth Medicine, Filderstadt

Home visits for palliatively ill children

"When visiting a clinic as a clown, I’m not there to have pity with the child. The diagnosis made by the doctor is only one part of reality. Another part is what is and always will be in every child: a never-ending source of play, imagination, love and creativity – untouched and unfazed by sickness. As a clown, I approach the child on its own level. Playing is what children need most and what helps them heal. Clowns can express so much through their play. It makes them absolutely unique and a wonderful companion and a true ally for each child.“

Christel Ruckgaber
Artistic and pedagogical supervisor of Clowns im Dienst e.V.

"I am always fascinated how even seriously ill children don’t lose their courage to face life, and constantly manage to find new hope. The clowns help them achieve this.“

Prof. Dr. med. Ingeborg Krägeloh-Mann
Clinic for pediatrics and youth medicine, Tübingen

"Dear clowns, you are great! We always look forward to seeing you! Please come again soon!“

Maritza (5 years old) and her mother

"Senkju weri matsch! ☺“

Till (12 years old)

Giving laughter...

We are a non-profit organization and finance ourselves solely through donations. Your donation makes our work possible – and we can’t thank you enough!

Please also visit our German website for further information on our organization and our work in nursing homes for elderly people!

We are happy to answer any of your questions via email at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein. and send you our brochure (15 years of Clowns im Dienst).


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